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Karen on 9-14-21

Purchased a pendant

The 15mm South Sea pink-lavender pearl pendant from Mike (Jewelry Extravaganza) is absolutely beautiful! The 2 diamonds on it are very bright and clear and the adjustable diamonds-by-the-yard chain is a plus. This was an exceptional value at $861. I ordered it last week and it arrived yesterday. Simply beautiful! Thank you Mike!

Suz on 9-4-21

Purchased a ring

First GSN purchase and wasn't sure what to expect, but it's beautifully made, great detail work and solid! Shipped quickly, too!

Yolanda on 9-1-21

Purchased a pendant

Great price, Love it better than expected can't wait to buy more.I have shopped wit you many years (Miss Leslie and Pearl) Pearl tales me into buying a Galatea piece Never regretted it for a moment.

Jane on 8-18-21

Purchased a ring

I had to have it made bigger so the back is a little thin but the ring is continually mesermizing.

Deborah on 8-18-21

Purchased a several different items

...Also, my favorite host is Sky. He is professional, shows, describes, and measures each piece without bellowing useless phrases and without repeating over and over. Provides appropriate education, uses correct grammar and can accurately use a ruler.

Alina on 8-12-21

Purchased a necklace

Trillion Tsavorite & diamond pendent is very nice, the color of the Tsavorite is excellent. The length adjust in a different way than I thought it would be I'm satisfied.

Wendy on 8-11-21

Purchased a ring

I purchased one of the Gatsby collection rings with multi colored diamonds. I have several items from Cirari and this is my favorite. big rounds and lots of sparkle. thank you for your great prices.

Sophia on 8-9-21

Purchased a pendant

I am a loooong time customer of GSN. Have purchased many items over the years from rings to pendants to bracelets. I have loved each and every purchase (I've only had 1 return and it was sent to me in error). I continue to buy from GSN because of the quality and most definitely because of the price. I could NEVER find the items I purchased at the price I paid. The local jewelers just dont carry this type of quality for the price and they dont carry the exotic gemstones. I feel like I have significant jewelry knowledge based on the education I receive from watching the shows. I get more diamond weight, more gold weight and very unique items you just dont find at a local jeweler. This particular pendant was a spur of the moment purchase after watching a show. When this piece arrived it knocked my socks off. The glitter of the actual stones rivals anything I own. I have very few platinum pieces so this was a treat purchase for myself. I was immediately drawn to the unusual shape of the pendant which reminds me of a honeycomb. I have a lot of yellow gold jewelry so I am always looking for white gold and rose gold pieces. Altho I have had some issues here and there with GSN (ring lost during sizing after purchase) for the most part I have been very happy and satisfied. Please tell Sunni his jewelry is the best I have ever seen!!!! Nobody can match your prices or selection. I just wish we could search for things online as I love to check inventory to see if I can find something I dont have.

Alina on 7-25-21

Purchased a ring

Ring advertised size 7 but it's not, it's a size 6. Very disappointed, now I have to take it to my local jeweler to have it sized up to a 7.

Iris on 6-26-21

Purchased a ring

... I rceived a lovely 1.14 ctw Emerald Oval & 0.26 ctw Diamond 14KT Yellow Gold Ring Size 7. Of course I took it to my jeweler to have it sized. When the young woman received my ring and write the ticket information, she stopped and called her co-workers, who all came to see it. They oohed and awed with each person taking a turn examining the jewel with a loop. Finally, the woman leaned over to me and asked under her breath, "May I ask how much this cost?" I answered her with the same discretion, ad advised her that it was just under $XXXX. Her eyes became large as she told me she was guessing twice that amount and offered their appraisal service at a discounted rate. She said that I want to be accurate for my insurance company. So I agreed and left the shop feeling like the brilliant shopper that I am. It's such a beautiful, high quality ring that I'm happy to say I own. More items are coming my way, because one would be foolish not to buy fine jewelry from GSN.

Alice on 6-25-21

Purchased a ring

No buyer's remorse. Thank you...this is what an Emerald ring should look like. Beautiful!! Again, Thank you Mr. Kho.

Isabelle on 6-20-21

Purchased a earrings

I purchased a pair a pair of Ciari diamond earrings; Not very impressive; not a good buy.

Roger on 6-16-21

Purchased a ring

This was my first time buying from GSN, I was a little aprenhensive. But the Ring was stunning.....Opal ring with baguett and round diamonds. I had to have it resized that was taken care of on the phone. Fed ex needs to get their act together they delivered the ring to the wrong address no signature.......but the person who lived at where it was delivered brought it to our door...what a good samaratain.

Laurie on 5-9-21

Purchased a ring

This was my first time buying from GSN, I was a little aprenhensive. But the Ring was stunning.....Opal ring with baguett and round diamonds. I had to have it resized that was taken care of on the phone. Fed ex needs to get their act together they delivered the ring to the wrong address no signature.......but the person who lived at where it was delivered brought it to our door...what a good samaratain.

Linda on 5-6-21

Purchased a ring

Ordered my size 5.75. Was too big. Sent back .they resized to a 5.5 now fits perfectly

Wendy on 5-6-21

Purchased a loose opals

I love watching Mark T. Great prices on diamonds. Hoping to get a multi diamond parcel ring soon. I have now completed my four piece set of boulder opals. I have a pendant and ring that are similar in color and earrings and bracelet that are a little darker and they match. I just received the bracelet and love it.

Matt on 4-29-21

Purchased a ring

I ordered a band diamond ring - I had removed all packaging so I decided to keep it. I had very low quality diamonds probably j color - its embarrassing to wear. People look this stuff over carefully. Very pool quality.

Debra on 2-16-21

Purchased a ring

Thrilled with the quality of the emerald ring I received. It is stunning. Mr. Effy is an outstanding designer, my favorite. Would love to be able to purchase one of his critters some day.

Barbara on 2-12-21

Purchased a ring

So pleased with my beautifully made ring purchased from Mike

Bonnie on 2-3-21

Purchased a ring

This ring is beautiful and very nice quality! Liked the free gift also :)

Caren on 1-31-21

Purchased a earrrings

Never received it. After 3 weeks and 3-4 inquiries I was I finally told that my rubies were damaged and it would be 4-5 more weeks until I got a new pair...

Sheila on 1-25-21

Purchased a ring

Little diamond figure 8 ring purchased for my granddaughter , having her first baby .your program keeps me sane !

Sheridan on 1-6-21

Purchased a Louis Vuitton Bag

I received my bag today and it is lovely! Looks brand new and is everything you’d expect from a high end bag. I have already got it ready to go for my outings tomorrow! My grandmother was the handbag buyer for a large department store so I know a nice bag when I see one.

Joseph on 12-30-20

Purchased a ring

We just received the red spinal ring that we had purchased from Kyle on 12/21/20. My wife loves it and so do I. Fantastic job GSN!

Catherine on 12-38-20

Peruvian Pink Opal Necklace from Tyler!

Way better in person than on tv!!!! You don't necessarily have to buy big tickets items to feel part of the GSN family!

Catherine on 12-28-20

Purchased a Emerald ring

A stunning Emerald ring! I love it! It exceeds my expectations, Gem Shopping Network has earned my trust! Thank You for putting a smile on my face and keeping it there! Blessed Holidays!

Maura on 11-30-20

Purchased a necklace

Just got this pearl necklace and it exceeds expectations. The "purple" color is deeper than shown on TV. I've bought several David Norman pearl items. I love pearls...I get lost in the pearl "sheen" and they provide the elegance that even a pair of jeans can use!

Wana on 10-30-20

All purchases to date

Since I discovered this network, I have purchased several items. I have been delighted with what I have gotten to date and some profoundly so. I had started reaching out to other networks for add ons (earrings & bracelets mostly) to match up to what I had gotten from GSN. There is a HUGE difference in the quality! Yes GSN may be more expensive, but if you have an expectation for the best, they just stick with GSN. Yes, I have picked up other pieces from ETSY and JTV to name a couple (and not the low end pricing), but there is just no comparison, not even in the same category. They may state they are the same stone, but GSN just blows it out! The latest piece I purchased from GSN was a stunningly beautiful Lightening Ridge Black Opal ring! It is exquisite. (This was #5 of opal rings, all of which have been amazing). I have read other comments that "others" are just the same. So I had to comment that it just isn't so. The piece you purchase from GSN may be a bit of an "investment" but it will be a lifetime of pleasure. Don't let the price tag immediately turn you off. There is a reason some are higher. Quality is in the eye of the beholder I suppose, but I can certainly say about myself, I am convinced that this is the place to shop! I'm spoiled now.

Joan on 10-28-20

Purchased a Flag lapel pin and earrings

Thank you mike for the flag designs. My daughter was extremely happy with the items I purchased from you. I may buy myself something from your collection after Christmas. Thanks again the items are very beautiful. So happy with purchase.

Barbara on 10-19-20

Purchased a Men's sterling red jasper ring

This ring is a stunner. Supreme workmanship, beautiful design, though I think it is a small 10. The silver appears as rose gold, interestingly. As the focal point, the jasper is a rusty, beautiful, organic, brick red, much less bright than appeared on the tube. As a new customer, I am impressed with the package that was sent, including a beautiful purple Effy scarf to look oh so fashionable in. Thank you, GSN.

Betty on 10-02-20

Purchased an Emerald ring

Minor fissures in the emerald (which I expected), but otherwise clean with a rich green color.  I LOVE it!

Ann Marie on 09-17-20

Purchased rings/pendants

I first shopped with hesitation and needless to say 4 more purchases could'nt be more satisfied with the process and quality product. The customer reps as well as the customer service dept were excellent and a credit to Gem Shopping. 

Donna on 09-02-20

Purchased earrings

I purchased pink diamond earrings but they do not match.  One goes on the ear at an angle, like a triangle, and the other one  goes on the ear as a square.  You cannot change them because of where posts are placed.  I am not going to send them back because it is too expensive and too much trouble.  Just to let you know that I am not happy with this purchase and will think twice before I purchase again. 

Carol on 08-31-20

Purchased a ring

I received my ring this morning. It is just beautiful. Everything was exactly as you described. It's really the second item I purchased. The first was a blue lapis necklace and I wear it all the time. So I'm very comfortable ordering from the TV now. The ring I just got is platinum with clear white diamonds. It is just beautiful.

Wana on 12-30-20

Purchased Earrings & Rings

I stumbled across this network just surfing through channels and have been hooked ever since.  Not only can you purchase some beautiful pieces, but you learn a lot about stones in general.   I've tried a few pieces (set of earrings and 2 rings that I have received so far) and they have been gorgeous!  The clarity on my diamond earrings is truly commendable (and I'm fussy with diamonds).  I got a yellow and white diamond ring (returned for sizing) that was stunning out of the box and that caught my eye immediately.  I really wished I had sized it from the beginning but wanted to be sure it was not being returned.  And I then got a blue zircon ring equally stunning.  I'm not big on the extra-large stones so I shop for the smaller carat size but although small in weight, all have been gorgeous. I am totally confident at this point that product is real and exactly what they sell it to be.  Customer service has been great and have taken extra measures to be sure I get to see what I'm requesting even to find other pieces that I have requested. They are pleasant to speak with and have patience!  I have a few more items on order that I haven't gotten as yet, but I'm excited!  If there was anything of slight negativity to say, it would be the "zoomed" in appearances of the product.  While it greatly shows the detail of the item and all it's beauty (or not), it can be misleading as to the actual size of the product you are receiving.  So you have to stay mindful of the zoom factor.  The best is to always be sure you see your piece on a person's hand or in hand to get a perspective of what it will be like on you.  But other than that, I am truly sold. I have found a new jeweler. There are some turntables that have great deals on them.  Be watchful and you can get some stunning pieces for very affordable prices.  I did some comparison shopping this weekend and was surprised at the prices of some items out there.  When compared you'll see that GSN does offer reasonable pricing for comparable if not better product.  Now I just need to get some matching earrings to what I have received and I'll be good to go.  Thank you GSN.  You've given me a new appreciation for Gemstones! 

Dawn on 08-18-20

Purchased a Diamond pave leaf bypass ring

I was very pleased with the ring as it was sized by GSN, being a by pass style I didn't know if the ring would maintain the same design integrity.  It actually looked better. The diamonds glisten and really catch the light. The weight is substantial and very comfortable. This was only my 2nd purchase from GSN but I have been pleased with both items.

Nicole on 08-16-20

Purchased a ring

GORGEOUS! Let start off by saying  WOW! I‚Äôve wanted a Morganite ring for so long. So being obsessed with GSN my opportunity had arrived! Being that I didn't have a large budget I wanted to make sure what I bought was the best of the best I knew I had to purchase it here. It was early morning and there was a table with multiple items which was all under $779. That‚ was when I seen it! The light had shine down and it caught my eye right away. It is a    4.27 ct Morganite Pear & 0.27 ctw Pink Diamond 14K Rose Gold Ring! Majorityy of my jewelry is rose gold, including my wedding set, so this was perfect. I had it sized right away without any fear that I wouldn‚Äôt like it. Took a bit longer of course for shipping because of the sizing but what can I expect. Let me tell you SO WORTH THE WAIT! It is so perfect such a nice rich color and with PINK diamonds wooohaaaa! I could go on and on but I won‚Äôt. Everything from start to finish was exceptional. From customer service to delivery. I have nothing but amazing respect for this company for doing what they do. Thank you GSN for such a wonderful experience.

Wana on 07-29-20

Purchased Diamond Drop Earrings 1.27C

This was my first purchase and so many good things to say.  These earrings are very nice, very clean,  not that gloomy grey look when you get really included stones.  I know they looked great on the air and then equally good at home.  But also worth of mentioning is the great attention paid to proper packaging for shipment.  They were wrapped so that they were intact in the box and no chance of bouncing all over the place during transit. I am quite pleased with this purchase and am now very excited to get the ring I also purchased a day or so later.  I tried to take a picture that really showed them, but it‚Äôs hard to do and get the best angle on them so I hope you can see how pretty these are (not the studs, those were already mine).  Watch for the bargain wheels, with a good eye you can really get some great deals!  Enjoy.

Georgina on 07-29-20

Purchased a Necklace

Sterling silver baroque pearl necklace.  This was one of Mike's Deal of the Day items.  Love it!  Took longer cause they couldn't get my address right but I finally got it! I love it!  So pretty.  Can dress it up or down.  I attached a photo.  Thank you Mike! Enjoy watching you!

Linda on 07-25-20

Purchased a Star sapphire ring

I put a review up and it has never shown up. All the reviews are old.  Your clearly deleting the reviews you don't like.  If your not happy with your item.  Just be clear. It will cost you to return the item. Shipping both ways. Bad to be charged for an item not described correctly.  Lesson learned 

Ger on 07-18-20

Purchased Earrings: Morganite with diamonds

Pink diamonds are NOT pink; they are white!

Christina on 07-11-20

Purchased a carved soapstone piece

I've watched GSN since 2005, I've learned a tremendous amount about gems, cutting style, how to choose the best cut and clarity as well as how these magnificent things were formed in the earth. I will continue to watch them and continue to learn and appreciate all of the things this magnificent planet has produced for those of us who appreciate these things and enjoy collecting them.

Bonnie on 06-24-20

Purchased a bracelet

 Beautiful bracelet you can see the pink diamonds on it and i really like it bunches!

Donna on 06-22-20

Purchased earrings

I purchased pink diamond earrings but they do not match.  One goes on the ear at an angle, like a triangle, and the other one  goes on the ear as a square.  You cannot change them because of where posts are placed.  I am not going to send them back because it is too expensive and too much trouble.  Just to let you know that I am not happy with this purchase and will think twice before I purchase again. 

Cheryl on 06-12-20

Purchased earrings

Husband got me these beautiful emerald earrings for our 25th anniversary.  They are so gorgeous and my husband is the most wonderful man alive!  Thank you GemShopping! 

Clark on 06-04-20

Purchased a Pink Diamond ring

Our sales representative was exceptional. Patient, polite and knowledgeable, Jason never made us feel rushed during the entire process. Jason made us feel comfortable with our purchase, not once did he lead us to believe that our concerns or questions were not worth answering. In fact we want the world to know what exceptional service he gave us as first time buyers on the Gem Shopping Network! If you are looking to purchase gemstones and Jewelry we recommend ... We had such a blast and in fact requested Jason a few nights later and bought another ring from the show! Once again he made our night and impressed us with his customer service. Both of the rings we received were stunning and are truly beautiful cant wait to get them appraised. Pink Diamond and Paraiba  Tourmaline what a deal! Thank you again Jason... 

Maribeth on 05-29-20

Purchased a pink sapphire heart pendant necklace

Oh my goodness.  This is two necklaces in one.  The gold filigree back side of the pendant is just as beautiful as the stunning, sparkling front side.  I can't wait to wear it flipped over with a longer chain over a sweater this Autumn.  

Denna on 05-14-20

Purchased a Emerald ring

I purchased a Zambian Emerald ring 2 years ago (just for the emerald).  I took it to my jeweler to have it remounted, he said the emerald was FANTASTIC and worth 3x what I paid for it.  Thanks for allowing me to own a wonderful gem at a great price 

Donna on 05-08-20

Purchased a Mandarin garnet pendant rose gold with chain

Purchase mandarin garnet pendant rose gold with chain did not receive chain called they told me I received chain pictures showed a yellow gold pendant and chain picture not what I ordered will not be ordering from them again

Pam on 4-02-20

Purchased Native American jewelry by Mike & Deanna

I have made several purchases from GSN starting in early 2018. All have been awesome Native American pieces. Mike is the hardest-working man on TV! And one of the best of us all. I've been nothing but thrilled w/the products & the customer service here. Can't wait to buy more!

Rose on 03-25-20

Purchased a ring

  1. I just received my pear shaped ruby ring with yellow and white diamonds. I was blown away. It’s so beautiful. Just perfect. It was a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary. Thank you Liam!

Kristen on 03-12-20

Purchased Cirari Earrings and pendant

Oh heavens. I received my weekend purchase from the Cirari event this past weekend.  The pendant and earrings are perfectly matched and more than I had hoped.  This was not my first purchase, but this one really blew me away!  I had selected the pendant and they took time showing a variety of earrings with it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see the new collection return. I continue to be a frequent shopper and a delighted owner of purchases from Gem Shopping Network.!

Erin on 03-04-20

Purchased a ring

Very happy with my shopping experience. I purchased a beautiful sapphire ring. I returned an aquamarine ring, and found the return process very easy. My credit card was refunded quickly. 

Leslie on 03-03-20

Purchased a Ruby and diamond ring

Sooo very happy with my ring it was beautiful and red red not pinkish purple red!!! My photo isn't doing it justice!

Meryl on 02-12-20

Purchased Moonstone earrings

I purchased moonstone and gold earrings and wore them maybe 10 times. Well, one of the moonstones already fell out! Customer service advised that they only stand by their jewelry fir 30 days and I would have to ship out and pay for the repair and a new stone! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was dumped into voice mail! We shall see if they call me back.....

Charles on 02-09-20

Purchased a Gents ring

Thank you for sizing my ring to a size 9 for a very small additional price before sending. This ring is the most comfortable I have ever owned, as well as being great looking!

Laura on 02-08-20

Purchased a Green yellow and white diamond ring

The ring is absolutely beautiful as is everything I have purchased from Elizabeth.Excellent quality jewelry at a very reasonable price.Thank you!

Deborah on 02-08-20

Purchased a Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring in Platinum

This was my first purchase with Gem Shopping Network and I couldn't be more pleased.  I plan on buying all my jewelry from GSN from now on.  Thank you so much!

Rachel on 02-07-20

Purchased a ring

This tanzanite ring I received from Hunter is more than I expected.  It was on a close out wheel so I figured it would be ‚Äúok‚Äù tanzanite.  This stone is every color it should be and clean, cut and polished well.  I can never find this in stores for any price.  It was major.  I need to grow new fingers so I can wear more rings.  

Bonnie on 01-26-20

Purchased a bracelet

I have been shopping with GSN for several years.  Everything I have purchasedf has been top quality!!!!  I particularly love David's pearls and wait for him to come from Australia.  I buy something almost every time he comes to GSN.  Today I purchase a multicolored pearl bracelet to match my necklace.  Please keep coming David.  Your pearls are so beautiful and the highest of quality.

Cecelia on 01-21-20

Purchased 3 rings, sleeping beauty, south sea pearl, and a saphire and diamond

I purchased 3 rings, a beautiful sleeping beauty turquioise with diamond and ruby accents, a south sea pearl with emeralds, white diamond and champagne diamond accents, and an estate saphire ring with half a carat of diamonds.  Was thrilled with the rings,however after spending 3500.00 with them, I was told my account was closed and I was not allowed to shop with them anymore because I had too many returns.  I was a new customer and had shopped with them less than a month.  I am disappointed because I love jewelry, and disgusted at their poor treatment and the way they made me feel after spending money with them.

Charles on 01-13-20

Purchased an Opal ring

Having spent over 66 years enjoying life, I've have purchased several opal rings for myself.  A mens opal ring is not too hard to find. But finding a exquisite gentleman's opal ring in 18k is near impossible.  So when I received the ring I purchased from GSN, they achieved my satisfaction , I wear this beautifully crafted ring most everyday now. Hoping to stumble upon another one soon, with GSN it is certain to happen.

Valerie on 01-09-20

Purchased a 2.20 ct Pink Diamond Ring

This was my first purchase from GSN, and I was very apprehensive about purchasing jewelry from television.  But...WOW!!!!  I was so amazed when I opened the box!!  The ring was more beautiful than on television.  The size of the diamonds, the color, the quality of the mounting were all superb.  I requested the ring be sized up .5 size and it fit perfectly.  I will wear this ring with pride for many years and someday hand it down to my daughter.  Thank you!

Anthony on 01-02-20

Purchased a ring

This piece is fabulous. Got 2 separate compliments first time I wore it.thanks and holiday greetings to all of you.