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Meet Sky

Sky, an Indiana native, moved to Atlanta area when he was in middle school and has called Georgia home ever since. In high school, his mother helped him get a job as a sales representative at Gem Shopping Network. Sky was lucky enough to find his passion early in life and quickly fell in love with the world of gemstone and jewelry. He worked in nearly every position in the company before becoming a host in 2008.

 “I have learned everything from working around the best in the business right here at Gem Shopping,” Sky said.

 Sky is Color Gemstone Certified through the GIA and DCA, and outside of the showroom he enjoys researching gems and the gem industry in his free time. Sky loves spending time with his wife and three children and traveling.


Favorite Quote

Sky believes that the only limitations in life are the ones that we set in our own minds.

Sky On the Air

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He notes that it is so hard to pick just one favorite gem, but if you put his feet to the fire it would
have to be Lightning Ridge black opals, "The play of color in a fine black opal is mesmerizing.