Tips on Choosing the Perfect Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

What’s old is often new again and that is the case with certain styles we call vintage. Some old things are best forgotten, but wonderful styles from the past that possess a timelessness in their beauty are always welcome again. That’s the case with vintage diamond engagement rings that are making a comeback. They have an enduring attraction that never really goes out of style and they are a perfect choice for a bride-to-be who values tradition, trust and romance.

If you are searching for vintage diamond engagement rings to peruse, you’ve got 2 choices in front of you. First, you can purchase an antique vintage diamond ring, one made 75 years ago or more. These antique diamond engagement rings are the real deal and have rich, vintage qualities that are unmistakable. If you choose to purchase an antique ring, have a qualified jeweler look at it immediately to make sure that the stone or stones are secure. Many vintage diamond engagement rings that are that old will need some repair to the setting to keep stones in place. Most will have to be resized as well, and an experienced jeweler will be able to match the color of the metal and blend it flawlessly. The advantage of buying an antique vintage diamond ring is that it possesses an air of timeless romance and love that may be just what your gal is looking for.

New Rings with a Classic Style

Many jewelers are also making new rings with the look of vintage diamond engagement rings. Skilled craftsman work to copy the unique designs and features of antique diamond ring settings. Some of today’s vintage rings are cast from molds that are a century or more old and then personalized with added touches to make them highly unique and extraordinary. As for the diamonds used in these vintage diamond engagement rings, old-style European-cut or mine-cut stones are selected in order to give these rings a truly authentic look and feel.

There are 2 advantages of purchasing a newly-minted, vintage-styled diamond engagement ring. The first is that you have more choice in the matter. You can select the exact setting, stone, and type of metal to be used in its creation. You have more options to fit her style and your budget. Secondly, you may actually pay less for a new ring because there is often a premium markup associated with authentic vintage diamond rings because of their antique status.

Whether you buy an antique or new vintage-style diamond engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. Many couples begin by seeing what is available in the antique market online, and if an authentic vintage ring captures their hearts, they buy it. If nothing is available that matches their desires, they peruse the newly made vintage diamond engagement rings that capture the aura of antiquity wonderfully. Enjoy the search; and forever enjoy the timeless beauty and romance that a vintage diamond engagement ring represents.