How to Find a Unique Diamond Engagement Ring Your Fiancé Will Cherish

Every woman is unique, an original never to be repeated, and she deserves to have a ring that is as special as she is. In this guide to unique diamond engagement rings we’ll offer 6 tips to help you select a distinctive ring that will let her know just how extraordinary you find her to be.

1. Don’t buy from a chain store. This should be a no-brainer, fellas. Have you ever been to a party with your gal and another woman had on the same dress as her? It’s awkward, right? Think of how uncool it would be for your fiancé to discover her ring is exactly like the one her gal pal has! That’s the risk you run buying from a chain. Diamond engagement rings are better searched for elsewhere, or created specially for you which leads to the next tip.

2. Create your own ring. Have you considered buying a loose diamond from an online dealer and having a truly special and unique diamond engagement ring crafted just for your lover? There’s no better way to ensure that it is a one-of-a-kind ring. You’ll have total control over your budget, the size and quality of the stone you purchase, and the uniqueness and beauty of the setting. An experienced jewelry maker in your area– or online – will be happy to walk you through the process.

3. Think of unique as non-traditional. For years some unwritten rule said that an engagement ring had to feature one good-sized diamond and nothing else, or possibly a few smaller diamonds or diamond chips to gussy it up. That look is still popular, but it’s not mandatory. If you want a combination of unique and traditional, choose a diamond cut that isn’t overly used. Peruse rings online and get familiar with cuts that are too familiar. Find something beautiful that doesn’t show up as often, like a princess cut perhaps, or a pear shape or cabochon.

3 Unique Diamond Rings

4. Think pink – or something just as special. If you really want to think outside the box in searching for unique diamond engagement rings, consider a pink diamond, or even a black diamond which is an elegant choice your lady might really love. Know your fiancé’s personality, what her likes and dislikes are, and you’ll find unique diamond engagement rings that will fit her style beautifully.

5. Add her birthstone to the mix. That’s a great way to personalize a truly unique diamond engagement ring. Feature a non-traditional cut diamond surrounded by sapphires or emeralds or citrine in accordance with her birth date. That combination will pack a wow-factor that is off the charts.

6. Choose an extraordinary setting. This is another area in which the rules have changed to allow more freedom of personal expression. While the options are nearly infinite, a Celtic setting might be perfect, or braided tri-color gold. How about white gold or platinum? Take time to peruse engagement rings to select the components you like, and then put them together to create a gorgeous and unique diamond engagement ring that will be as special as your love for her!

These 6 tips for finding a unique diamond engagement ring will surely get your creative thoughts going. By using them in your selection process you’ll find a ring that is unmatched in beauty and uniqueness, and one she will forever cherish her unique Diamond engagement ring.