Does the love of your life have a love affair on the side with beautiful gems? Who can blame her? After all, gemstones like emeralds, rubies, garnets, and sapphires are irresistibly attractive. But that doesn’t mean they’ll draw her heart away from you, especially if you offer her one this Valentine’s Day, in a setting that enhances its beauty. Here are the top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for the gem lover in your heart.

Top Valentines Gifts for Gem Lovers

1. A Ruby and Diamond Ring!

Rubies are blood red, signifying passionate love and the top choice for Valentine’s Day. Diamonds are invaluable. The combination will be incredibly dynamic. Depending on your budget for a Ruby and Diamond ring, choose either a diamond or a ruby as the center stone and encircle it or offset it with the other. A rich red ruby in platinum attended by brilliant diamond chips is lovely. A round-cut diamond set in yellow gold with a pair of ruby hearts will be an instant treasure.

2. A Necklace Graced with Her Favorite Gem!

Is she drawn to the majestic hues of amethyst, a favorite of royalty and a gem with a very spiritual aura? Choose a necklace with a single amethyst pendant that will radiate its purple glow whenever the light catches it. Perhaps its Amethyst she craves. A choker necklace fitted with a dozen small gems will surely delight her. You’ve got the idea. If blue is her hue, select a necklace offering tanzanite. If she’s not familiar with this gem, all the better. She’ll have a new favorite or at least one that will compete for her heart with her current favorites. When it comes to her heart however, such thoughtful gifts will solidify a place there all your own.

3. A Pair of Stunning Earrings

What color is her hair? Dark brown to black? Choose her favorite gem and set it in white gold or platinum to really stand out against her dark locks. Emerald against brown hair, for example, or pearls with raven tresses. If her hair is lighter, match it with yellow gold, or something like tri-gold. A pear-shaped aquamarine, with its lovely medium blue, will sparkle against blond hair. And if her eyes are blue too, the effect will be incredibly radiant. Tell her how you approached your gift selection and her amazement will match her joy. She’ll be proud to wear such a carefully chosen pair of earrings every time she puts them on.

4. His and Her Garnet Rings

This will be a gift that will speak volumes about your love and commitment to her. No matter how long she’s been your gal, a Garnet ring will remind her that you are always there for her. Garnet is a deep red, a sure winner for Valentine’s Day or any day. Garnet set in yellow gold is warm and inviting. Set in white gold or platinum it is crisp and elegant. If you’re unsure of the choice, let her know of your intent and include her in the decision-making. The whole experience will be a fun one for both of you and will invest the matched rings with the greatest possible significance.

5. A Gemstone Watch

If you are looking for a practical gift that also sports a huge “wow” factor, choose a fine watch for your gal that features her favorite gems – or the universally splendid gem, diamond. If she’s the practical type with a flair for beauty, this gift will cover all the bases and will become a cherished keepsake she’ll enjoy whenever she checks the time. And if she runs late often because she loses track of time…well, this will solve that issue too!

Don't Skip the Classic Favorites

Roses, a card and dinner. Isn’t that what you did last year…and for as many years as you can remember? Oh, don’t forget the flowers. And dinner is always nice. But take it a big step further by springing for something that will never wilt, that won’t be spoiled by the lousy service at the crowded restaurant. Let her know how enduring your love is and just how special she is to you on Valentine’s Day and every day.