Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings Surprise Us with Nature’s Beauty

While diamonds and rubies have been cherished by lovers of beauty for thousands of years, the jewel found in Tanzanite rings was discovered less than a half century ago. Tanzanite is the newest gem in the fine-jewel galaxy. Nature hung on to one of her rarest treasures to surprise us all over again. Tanzanite rings are lovely to behold. The light plays off them as with few other gems because the molecular structure of Tanzanite breaks lights into 3 distinct wavelengths. The results are mesmerizing, and when one of these wonderful Tanzanite rings is gracing your finger, the affect will be stunning.

Tanzanite rings are just as pretty in yellow gold as they are in white gold or platinum. Each metal gives the bluish, ever-changing hues a unique look. Add your choice of many different settings to the mix and you will surely find one that appeals to you…one you’ll delight to wear. Or maybe one you’ll receive pleasure from giving, for Tanzanite rings make lovely gifts for any occasion.

10K White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Round White Topaz Ring, Size 7
List Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $156.74
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Charles Winston Sterling Silver with Tanzanite Color Stone and White Cubic Zirconia Ring
List Price: $180.00
2.50 Ct Oval Checkerboard Purple Amethyst Blue Tanzanite 925 Silver 3-Stone Ring
1.15 Ct Oval Natural Blue Tanzanite and White Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Sterling Silver 1.75tcw Round Blue Tanzanite Ring with Rectangular Design.
List Price: $309.99
Sale Price: $87.99
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1 CT 5-Stone Oval Cut Tanzanite Ring in 10K White Gold in Size 7
List Price: $649.99
Sale Price: $189.99
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