One of the hottest trends in engagement rings is to use colored gems in the center, or as an accent or side gem bringing an added element of individuality and interest to the ring.  Sapphire engagement rings can be found in a style just right for her, no matter what her taste or preferences in fine jewelry. If you are on the buying end, be assured that you will be able to offer your intended a stunning range of choices within any budget. Various grades of silver, gold, platinum, and other metals form the setting, while the range of cuts is almost unlimited.

In silver, titanium, or 14-18kt yellow or white gold, you’ll find many engagement ring stunners. Some simple yet beautiful choices cost less than $300. In the $500 to $750 range you’ll find more elaborate choices boasting larger stones, perhaps with a small contingent of side or accent diamonds.

Starting around $750.00 you will be able to enjoy some rings in platinum. Heavier rings, greater carat weight in the sapphires and diamonds, and more recognizable designer styling really start to make an appearance now.

Above $3500, you will find some of the most incredible engagement rings on the market. A full range of metals, large, exquisite gems, full borders of diamonds, and more, are all possibilities. The sky is the limit for options and prices, with sapphire rings your fiancée will love available into the millions!