Loose Rubies

These Ruby Gems Produce Endless Possibilities for Excitement

Loose Rubies are among the most coveted treasures nature has produced. Their beauty and attraction is second only to diamonds, some say. While others say the ruby is unsurpassed by any other stone. When you look at the lovely way that ruby gems are used in gorgeous pieces of jewelry, it is hard to argue with those who would choose them above all others. They are sensuous and magnificent.

Look for ruby gems in your favorite types of jewelry. They make elegant rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Ruby jewelry is right for anytime, of course, but especially inviting for romantic evenings, special moments, and candlelight dinners. Choose ruby gems for her and you’ll be selecting a piece of jewelry that will speak volumes about your own heart, even as it captures hers.

Natural Untreated Ruby 0.92ct Red VS Clarity, Oval Cut
Sale Price: $1,000.00
  Eligible for free shipping!
1.03 Carat Pigeon Blood Ruby Loose Gemstone Oval Shape GRS Certificate
Sale Price: $3,800.00
  Eligible for free shipping!
1.95 Carat Loose Ruby Cushion Cut (GIA Certificate)
Sale Price: $4,758.00
  Eligible for free shipping!
1.02-1.17 Cts of 7x5 mm AA+ Emerald Cut Natural Ruby ( 1 pc ) Loose Gemstone
Sale Price: $799.95
  Eligible for free shipping!
1.08 Carat Loose Ruby Round Cut (GIA Certificate)
List Price: $9,882.00
Sale Price: $4,941.00
  Eligible for free shipping!
1.19Cts Red Ruby Loose Gemstone Heart Shape
Sale Price: $2,000.00
  Eligible for free shipping!