This Valentine’s Day why not make a big splash by buying her something thoughtfully chosen, something beautiful and lasting? No, not a big box of chocolates. Buy those for yourself since you’d eat most of them anyway.

A great choice would be to select a piece of fine jewelry that features her birthstone gem. Hopefully she won’t be surprised that you remember what month she was born in. But she may be thrilled that you know her birthstone and went searching for just the right piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day. Use these buying tips to select a gift that will be warmly embraced – you will too, most likely!

Before we get into the tips we’ll save you a step by filling you in on the birthstones and their month, in case it has slipped your mind:

3 Tips to Help Choose The Nicest Gift She’s Ever Received

1. Know what her favorite type of jewelry is! Does she go for ring Bling? Then select a ring that will stand out among her others, one that will become her “go-to” choice for times she really wants to look her best. Because of the sentiment connected to it, chances are good that it will find its way to her finger on a very regular basis. If she’s a necklace lover select a gorgeous pendant that features her birthstone gem in a type of metal that shows it off to best effect. White gold and platinum gives a crisp, contemporary appearance while yellow gold offers warmth and charm. If she prefers choker necklaces, go that route to find a gift that will be cherished immediately.

The same principles go for earrings. Keep her personality in mind and find a pair of gemstone earrings that will fit her style. Is she the romantic type? Heart-shaped earrings will delight her. Is she a jeans and t-shirt gal? Look for a casual pair of understated earrings graced with her birthstone. From hip and sporty studs to sexy hoops to traditional baubles, select the style she would choose for herself and your thoughtful love will outshine even the brilliance of the jewels.

2. If you are unsure of finding the right piece of gemstone-laden jewelry for her, do some investigative work. Take a look in her jewelry box. What types of jewelry does she seem to favor? If there aren’t any bracelets in there, it’s probably because she doesn’t like bracelets, not that she needs one to complete her jewelry wardrobe. Does a certain color of precious metal predominate? It’s most likely because she thinks it looks best on her.

If still in doubt, do a bit of asking around. Her mom might have some clues – and you’ll certainly gain points in that department by seeking her advice. Check in with her sisters or friends, though skip asking her old boyfriend. One of her friends might do a little information-gathering without giving away your intent. Does she have a favorite jeweler? They might know what’s on her wish list. The goal is to select something she’ll enjoy both for its demonstration of love but also for the beauty she finds as the beholder.

3. Add diamonds into the mix. You can’t go wrong with that strategy. All the gemstones look fantastic adorned or paired with diamonds. Picture a ring with a center emerald and diamond chips all around it. How about a bracelet that alternates diamonds and sapphires or aquamarine, peridot or garnet? String earrings that feature pearls with diamonds will be stunning.

You get the point. A diamond for her is like bacon for you – it makes everything better. If your gal was born in April and diamond is her birthstone, that jewel can manage all by itself. However, you might find that offsetting it with rubies or opal, for example, will only serve to enhance the beauty and radiance of the stone.

By following these tips your gift will surely be a memorable one, giving her joy now and becoming one of her most cherished possessions forever. Your thoughtfulness will speak for itself and her response will let you know that your gift has gone right to her heart, where its memory will be kindled each time she puts it on.