Garnet Pendants

Reveal Something About Yourself in a Rich and Vibrant Garnet Pendant

A pendant is a very unique piece of jewelry, making a statement as strong as even a ring can make – though it doesn’t have to be about power. It can bespeak the style of any wearer, from whimsical to traditional, with vintage beauty or contemporary appeal. Something set in swirls of white gold perhaps, garnet pendants with filigree or curls or yellow gold. A bold garnet solitaire accented by diamonds. What look do you want to create, what outlook do you want to proclaim? Garnet pendants give you choices, whether you are buying it for yourself or are selecting a special gift for an equally special someone.

Enjoy the styles you see. One may jump out the first moment you see it. Other garnet pendants might gradually draw you into their charm. The beauty of it is that they are all stunningly beautiful. You’ll be delighted with whatever you choose.

Garnet Pendant Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish Bezel Set 2.50 Carats
List Price: $140.00
Sale Price: $35.00
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10k Beaded Yellow Gold with Oval Cut Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Trillion-Cut Gemstone and Diamond Accent Pendant Necklace, 18
Love Heart Necklace 12 Months Simulated Birthstone Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Gift for Women
Sterling Silver and Gemstone Pendant Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set
Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Garnet Pendant Necklace, 18
Sale Price: $40.91
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