Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets offer Warmth, Charm, Elegance and a Unique Way to Express Yourself

Bracelets come in many different personalities, and you’ll find one of these garnet bracelets to be just right for yourself or the recipient you intend it for. An endless ring of garnets has a timeless beauty to it. A gold or silver chain with garnet baubles or charms is traditional and lovely. Perhaps a solid metal band inlaid with garnets in your favorite cut would be more appealing.

Those who enjoy garnet jewelry will find garnet bracelets to form a wonderful ensemble with an existing garnet ring, garnet necklace or set of garnet earrings. Jewelry lovers selecting their first piece of garnet jewelry will be equally pleased with their choice of a treasured gemstone that never goes out of style or loses its warm appeal. Which one is right for you or the one you’re buying for? With a few minutes perusal the right one will soon be calling your name – or hers – and you’ll know. You’ll just know.

Sterling Silver Genuine or Created Gemstone 5mm Round Tennis Bracelet
Sterling Silver Gemstone Oval-Cut Tennis Bracelet
18k Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Two-Tone Gemstone and Tennis Bracelet, 7.25
925 Sterling Silver Pear Shape Red Garnet Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
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Sale Price: $36.99
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TimeBetter Lady's Bracelet Natural Garnet Three laps Diameter4.0-4.2mm(Each Bracelet Has Certificate of Identification,with 2 Beads Prepared,a Length of Rope Prepared)
Sterling Silver 5-Stone Gemstone Bangle Bracelet