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The emerald is a gemstone so gorgeous Ireland is happy to be known as the Emerald Isle.  Emeralds are a luscious green form of the mineral beryl, which is typically clear, unless tinted by chromium and vanadium to create splendid shades of green.  These added elements weaken the structure of the stone, but strengthen its magnificence ten-fold.

The ancient Egyptians mined emeralds, and they are often referred to as the jewel of the Nile.  Egypt’s legendary Queen Cleopatra absolutely cherished them.  Who could blame her, or any women with wonderful taste, for being drawn to the translucent beauty of these verdant stones?

Nature has hidden these rare gemstones in caches throughout the world, and they are actively mined in countries as geographically diverse as Columbia and Zambia, (the two primary sources), India, Russia, Austria, China, Mozambique, France, and many others.  In the U.S. quantities are found in Montana, Connecticut, and the Carolinas.   Rare emeralds found only in Columbia contain crystals within the stone in a six-pointed design, and these stones are called Trapiche emeralds, considered to be of particular elegance.

Emerald is mined in rough form and then cut or faceted into a myriad of exquisite shapes.  It is used in a wide range of jewelry types, and certainly has the splendor to be the lone stone in the piece.  However, emerald also works wonderfully with other gems like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, to name a few.  Set in white gold or platinum, emeralds will exhibit a crisp, majestic radiance.  When used with yellow gold, the affect is warm, rich, and vibrant.

Emerald is the May birthstone, and the May-born love to showcase their prized gem in rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and in any other form in which emerald’s scintillating sparkle can be used to best effect.

Grading an Emerald

Emeralds are graded by the same criteria used to evaluate all colored gemstones.  When looking deep into the heart of an emerald, the gemologist will consider color, clarity, and cut.  In deducing the quality of an emerald, color is the most important consideration.   Quality emeralds may range in color from yellow-green to blue-green.  While grass-green stones are the most sought after color, any stone in this color range is considered a gemstone.  The key factor is the richness of that color.  Only stones in which the tone is medium to dark are of significant value, and the more vivid the color is, the more valuable the stone.  Pale or dull stones are simply called green beryl and have little value beyond use in costume jewelry.

After color, clarity is essential to a good emerald.  Unlike diamonds which are significantly harder, most valuable emeralds have some small fissures or cracks on their surface.  Therefore, stones that have no visible surface cracks when viewed with unaided vision are termed “flawless” in clarity and are notably more valuable.  Only rare emeralds have no surface fissures to be found at all, especially when viewed under magnification.  When shopping for an emerald, take a close look at each stone.  A good stone will be relatively eye-clean, meaning it does not present many surface issues to your unaided sight.

Finally, the man-made work on the stone, cut and any additional treatments, will affect its value to some extent.  An emerald that is attractively cut will be considered of greater worth, though when it comes to this standard, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  Light should show through the stone nicely, without distracting areas of dark or light.  Emeralds are traditionally treated with a clear organic oil to minimize the contrast of internal inclusions that reach the surface.  The marketplace is constantly evolving in what treatments are being used and how they affect the price of the finished gemstone.

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