Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black is Traditional: A New Perspective on Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Who says that engagement rings have to be traditional, boring or staid? Black is a traditional color anyway, right? Black diamond engagement rings are becoming white hot among those looking for something out of the main stream that still offers exquisite beauty and value. The surprising thing about the growing status of black diamond engagement rings is the eclectic nature of their devotees. You are as likely to find a black diamond number on the woman in a business suit in the board room as you are to see black diamond engagement rings on those who appreciate Goth fashion or an edgier approach to jewelry.

Black diamond engagement rings may feature any type of cut you like best, from traditional round or princess-cut stones to something less often selected such as a trillion or even a heart-shaped stone. There are no rules when it comes to black diamonds, or engagement rings. They are set off very nicely in a white gold or platinum setting, but yellow gold works very well too. The contrast is enhanced when a series of white diamonds encircles the black stone at the center. Add a few sapphires, rubies or pearls and the effect can be breathtaking. Select the size that fits your budget, with 1 carat rings or smaller being most common, with beautiful rings also available up to 2 carats or more.

We’re seeing black diamond engagement rings on women of all types – and if a beautiful black stone is your type, don’t hesitate to select a black diamond for your perfect ring.