2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Lavish Your Love with a 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

In the world of fine jewelry it is readily understood that quality trumps size. But when quality and size are merged into one precious stone then that is truly something remarkable. A fine 2 carat diamond engagement ring can be a thing of spectacular beauty and worth. Your fiancé will be awed and your love for her will be on display forever with a gorgeous 2 carat diamond engagement ring in setting befitting its stature.

With a stone of that size, it is common to find supporting diamonds worked into the mix. You may find diamond engagement rings with a more intricate setting to support the stone, or the setting may be more robust to add balance. Of course, if the diamond is of exceptional beauty than all it may truly need is a solitaire setting that lets it sparkle, turning heads wherever it goes. A princess-cut stone is another attention-grabber, and so are 2 carat diamond engagement rings that use pink diamonds or even a bold black diamond. There are many options to choose in terms of 2 carat diamond engagement rings, from simple and elegant to ornate and splendid, and much in between. More importantly, there is one that will fully express your love for her in a way she will definitely hear.