Citrine Pendants

A Citrine pendant really gives this rock a chance to show off.

Citrine is a gem that exudes warmth and charm, like crystalline gold or honey-hued diamond. And it may reach the pinnacle of its appeal in pendant form. Nestled by a simple setting that let’s its sparkle have full sway, or captured in an elegant embrace of shaped and twisted gold, a citrine pendant is something to behold. Set against a black evening dress for a formal affair, or resting on a white blouse over a casual lunch, a citrine pendant will capture attention. It will find many opportunities to shine in any wardrobe.

Whether you choose a single stone or several, or citrine or mixed with diamond, sapphire or something else, this warm and cheerful gem will make any citrine pendant a treasure to wear and to behold.

14k Yellow Gold Oval Large 6x8 mm Citrine Pendant with 18
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14k Yellow Gold Necklace with Genuine 5 Carat Citrine Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone and Diamond Accent Swirl Pendant Necklace, 18
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Cross Pendant Necklace, 18
10k White Gold and Oval Gemstone Pendant Necklace, 18
10k White Gold Citrine Heart Pendant Necklace, 18
Sale Price: $109.54
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