Citrine Pendants

A Citrine pendant really gives this rock a chance to show off.

Citrine is a gem that exudes warmth and charm, like crystalline gold or honey-hued diamond. And it may reach the pinnacle of its appeal in pendant form. Nestled by a simple setting that let’s its sparkle have full sway, or captured in an elegant embrace of shaped and twisted gold, a citrine pendant is something to behold. Set against a black evening dress for a formal affair, or resting on a white blouse over a casual lunch, a citrine pendant will capture attention. It will find many opportunities to shine in any wardrobe.

Whether you choose a single stone or several, or citrine or mixed with diamond, sapphire or something else, this warm and cheerful gem will make any citrine pendant a treasure to wear and to behold.

Satya Jewelry Gold Citrine Drop Pendant Necklace (18-Inch)
Sale Price: $89.00
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10K White Gold Oval Yellow Citrine & Diamond Accent Pendant Necklace With 18 inch Chain
Sale Price: $99.99
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8.22 Ct Octagon Yellow Citrine White Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Sale Price: $98.99
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Sterling Silver Gemstone and Diamond Accent Swirl Pendant Necklace, 18
2 1/5 ct Natural Citrine & 1/10 ct Diamond Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver
Sale Price: $109.00
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14 Karat White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 Carats Citrine Diamond Pendant
List Price: $519.96
Sale Price: $129.99
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