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Citrine is a member of the renowned quartz family, broadcasting special brilliance, color, and sparkle that have elevated it to the status of a gemstone around the world.  Common quartz is white to clear, but add a dash of iron to the quartz and nature gives us the warm, rich yellow tones of citrine.

The understated, gentle beauty of citrine makes it a perfect complement to other gemstones when used in jewelry pieces.  Match citrine with sapphire and both take on deeper beauty. Surround Amethyst with it and watch the light play between the two.  In fact, bi-colored gems called ametrine exist which have amethyst on one end and citrine on the other.

Citrine doesn’t show off, but rather gives the beholder a chance to get to know it, gradually revealing its beauty as it changes shades with the light of the day or catches the eye from a new angle.  This November birthstone is often confused with topaz, but those who know their gemstones appreciate the honey-colored warmth of a true citrine.

Grading Citrine Gems

Citrines are evaluated much like other jewels.  Color is the place to begin, and here you should expect citrine to exhibit excellent transparency and shimmer in natural light, often with a slight honey brownish to reddish hue.   Picture a pure crystal goblet sparkling with a rich Rhine or Madeira wine and you get the picture.  The deeper the color is, the higher the value will be, especially when the heartier tones are coupled with the second important quality, clarity.

A clear citrine will not show any internal faults or defects to the naked eye.  These eye-clean stones are the gems used in fine jewelry, and are easy to spot upon examination.

Carat weight rounds out the criteria by which citrines are evaluated, with larger rich, clear stones being assigned the greatest value.  There’s a place in any jewelry box for flash and sizzle, but citrine has found a place among gem lovers who appreciate a mellow, warm jewel that brings to mind the fading rays of a gorgeous afternoon, or the gentle sunlight of a day in late autumn.  No wonder citrine makes the perfect November birthstone.

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