That big moment arrives when you are going to present the woman of your dreams with an engagement ring. You want it to wow her, to fully communicate your love and your desire to spend the rest of your days enjoying life together. It doesn’t have to be an enormous ring and it shouldn’t be gaudy – but it must be spectacular and it must fit her style.

In this Gems buying guide, we offer a few tips for buying an engagement ring that will get you the Yes! response you’re hoping to hear.

Know your Price Range

The truth is, no matter what your budget is, perfect engagement rings exist that will appropriately demonstrate your feelings and commitment. There are far more important aspects of buying the right ring than the price tag. Going in with a clear budget will help you be more objective about your choice and you’re more likely to find a ring that really fits your fiancé-to-be.

Choose Her Favorite Metal

Does she prefer white gold to yellow gold? Does platinum really turn her head? By now you should know this, mister! If not, start paying attention to what she already wears. Take a peek into her jewelry box when she’s not around. If you are trying to keep the impending proposal a secret, don’t ask her mother or her best friend unless you know they will keep it quiet. In other words, never ask the mother or the best friend.

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but yellow gold tends to be appreciated by women with more traditional tastes while white gold or platinum often appeals to this with more modern sensibilities. The choice of metal is one of the keys that will guarantee an enthusiastic yes when you offer her the diamond engagement ring!

Match the Stone Cut to Her Personality

This is where it really gets fun. Diamond engagement ring stones are offered in a dazzling array of shapes. The most popular shape is a round stone – certainly the safest bet as well. No girl could help but be moved by a gorgeous round stone. But would a marquis or a cushion-cut stone fit her better? How about a square or emerald-cut rock? If she’s a hopeless romantic, perhaps a heart-shaped stone will thrill her. Spend some time online evaluating the various diamond shapes offered and keep asking yourself, “Does that look like her?” You’ll soon have it narrowed down to just the right shape stone.

Select an Appropriate Setting

Again, personality comes into play heavily here. Settings can be intricate, ornate, busy, simple, Celtic, traditional, or very contemporary. Start putting the pieces together in your mind. For example, your independent, contemporary gal might prefer a marquis stone set in white platinum and a sleek and bold setting; your traditional sweetheart might be most thrilled with a round brilliant-cut stone in a yellow gold setting and a vintage style. If she’s a classic beauty, perhaps a timeless style – one of those classics that never lose their appeal – is right for her.
Guys looking for a bit more “bang” for their buck often choose one main diamond with several smaller diamond chips around it. If you select a diamond that is of moderate quality, rather than high quality, you can often get more overall stone weight for the same money. Just have a good idea of where your lover stacks up on the quality versus quantity spectrum.

Have a Good Idea of Her Ring Size

Now, this is not the most important because rings can easily be made larger or smaller. But it’s a nice touch if you slide the ring on an it fits perfectly. If she has a ring you know fits her well, see if you can sneak it to the jewelers at some point and have it sized. Right down the size and keep it handy while shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Will offering the perfect diamond engagement ring guarantee a YES? We’d like to think so! It certainly will let her know just how much you think of her and how thoughtful you were in your selection process. And those qualities carry a lot of weight with those of the fairer sex.