Aquamarine is one of the world’s most gorgeous gemstones. Just picture sparkling blue seawater encapsulated in brilliant crystal, which is essentially what the name of this lovely stone means. The stone captures the beauty and tranquility of the ocean while emanating a warmth and luxury all its own. It’s colors are more subtle but just as compelling to those that gaze upon it. Aquamarine is the perfect accent stone in a ring on a lovely skin tone, in a set of earrings against silken hair of any color, or in pendant or necklace form adorning a vibrant dress or blouse.

This stone has been admired for centuries, nay millennia, the world over and is now honored as the birthstone for the month of March. It’s understated tones work well with any precious metal and Aquamarine is a fitting companion for other gems such as diamond, emerald, ruby, amethyst and even pearls. Aquamarine jewelry makes a stunning gift that any recipient will cherish. Perhaps the name itself doesn’t excite as much passion as more recognizable gem stone names – however, the jewelry produced with aquamarine will certainly produce a thrill of joy. In other words, the sheer beauty of aquamarine jewelry often outshines its more celebrated cousins in the immediate reaction it receives and long-term enjoyment it engenders.

Aquamarine Earrings

Choose a pair of aquamarine earrings to stand in silhouette against your gals beautiful tresses. The options include sexy dangles and drops that are storming back into popularity. A pair of hearts in yellow gold will exude warmth and a casual feel while tear-drop aquamarine stones in titanium or a set of marquise cut stones produce a more classic appeal. Stud earrings with round or trillion stones will grab attention in any setting and elegantly crafted swirled or knotted settings will add a unique touch to any pair. These are just a few earring ideas to get you thinking about a style that will look the best on your soon-to-be-thrilled lover.

Aquamarine Pendants

An aquamarine pendant in a precious metal perch and hanging on a worthy chain will deliver a “wow” factor sure to register. What about featuring a classically shaped stone in the middle encircled by diamond chips? Two round stones with yellow gold swirling around each one? A lovely pearl in the center adorned with several shapely aquamarine stones? The splendid options include many that will be absolutely perfect.

Aquamarine Rings

An aquamarine ring will never disappoint. It will be a source of pleasure and pride forever. Imagine a petite heart set in creatively curled white gold. Consider a larger stone in a Celtic-inspired Claddagh setting of rich yellow gold. For something truly special, have you considered his and her rings? Yours would feature a bold, emerald-cut aquamarine and hers a smaller version draped by sparkling diamonds. For many couples looking for something different, an aquamarine engagement ring is a stunning way to symbolize the love that is shared.

Aquamarine Bracelets

Bracelets with aquamarine offer many options that look like they were crafted just for her. Select a bracelet alternating aquamarine with her gemstone – rich ruby or exciting emerald or scintillating citrine perhaps. If she’s a March-born girl, the arrangement works just as well. A pair of hearts in a romantic setting will make a point long treasured and the bracelet gracing her wrist will always remind her that your heart is hers.

The choices for aquamarine jewelry are beautiful and varied, with possibilities for every personality and budget. Give some thought to your beloved’s personal style and tastes. Choose a shape that fits her well and a precious metal that will look best against her skin, or will work well with her favorite wardrobe colors. This is how a thoughtful gift is chosen; this is how a winning gift is decided upon – one that honors the recipient and shows her just how special she is to you. This is the language of love…and aquamarine speaks it fluently.