Amethyst Bracelets

Why not select a brilliant amethyst bracelet for her?  Blend in other precious stones, perhaps with a fine diamond or two prominently positioned, and your gift will certainly be met with enthusiasm!  While writing or glancing at her watch the brilliant bracelet will catch her eye, grab her attention and she’ll be thrilled all over again.  Her thoughts of you will be affectionate; the sentiment will be long-lasting.  Amethyst bracelets use stones set in a variety of metals, from warm 14K yellow gold to luxurious platinum to striking sterling silver.  You’ll find just the one to accentuate her beauty and to complement her style.

15.00 Carat (ctw) Sterling Silver Real Round Cut Amethyst Ladies Tennis Bracelet
List Price: $906.00
Sale Price: $259.00
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14K White Amethyst 7.5
List Price: $488.17
Sale Price: $473.52
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14K Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst and Diamond Bracelet
14K White Gold Oval Amethyst Reef Knot Bracelet
14k Two-Tone Italian Multi-Strand with Citrine, Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst Bracelet, 7
List Price: $311.12
Sale Price: $310.64
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