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Purple is a symbol of royalty in many cultures, divinity in others, and amethyst is certainly a stone that brings both to mind.  The British Crown jewels feature amethyst very prominently, and this gorgeous gem has long been called the “stone of bishops” within the church.

Amethyst is the most valuable member of the quartz family and owes its radiant tones to iron content subtly mixed into the stone’s makeup.  Hues vary, with splendid stones being found from lovely lilac shades to deep, rich purple.   This gem is found in the earth’s crust in greater quantities, and more extensively, than many of its gemstone cousins.  For centuries they have been looked upon as desirable jewels by people all over the world.  Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, but its popularity extends well beyond that.  The beauty it exhibits, its durability and relative abundance make it an essential stone in a wide variety of jewelry types and styles.

Grading an Amethyst

When evaluating the value of an amethyst it is graded primarily on color.  The deeper purples are rare, and considered to be of greater worth.  Paler stones are sometimes referred to as Rose de France stones and make lovely jewelry in the right settings.  Vibrant, medium to dark stones boast classic amethyst color and are used to wonderful effect in rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.   Some deep purple amethyst stones demonstrate a rose-colored flash when turned in the light.  Termed “Siberian” amethysts because of the traditional source of the finest colors, they are the most sought after of these gems.

Clarity is the second essential element by which an amethyst is judged.  Stones that are eye clean are the more desired gems, meaning that they do not contain internal defects when viewed without magnification.  Amethyst is available in most sizes as an eye-clean stone, so it is rare to find one that has objectionable clarity.

When evaluating the color and clarity of an amethyst, natural light is essential, particular the softer light of early morning or the last daylight before dusk, when they put their coloration to best advantage.  Wearing an amethyst is a fine way to start or end the day!

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