Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings | Buying Guide

No man wants to offer his bride-to-be a cheap diamond ring, as in a piece of junk. But any intelligent man would love to find a gorgeous diamond ring that perfectly suits his gal and keeps more cash in his pocket, right? That just makes sense. And we’re going to show you how to do it in this buying guide to cheap diamond engagement rings. Follow these tips and you’ll both be happy with the ring she calls beautiful and you call a bargain.

First, Know Your Stones

There are bargains to be had if you understand how diamonds are judged and therefore, how they are priced. Let’s start with size since that seems to be what we think makes or breaks a diamond. Your best values in diamond size are going to come in the .8 to .9 carat range. Once the diamond size reaches 1 full carat the price jumps significantly. Hold a .85 carat diamond next to a 1.0 carat diamond and you probably couldn’t tell the difference in size, but your wallet will know the difference when you pay 25% less for the smaller stone! That’s a great start to finding high-quality but cheap diamond engagement rings.

Secondly, Understand the Color Factor

Diamonds are graded by their color, or lack of it really. The highest graded stones, and the priciest, are colorless. Poor quality stones are off-colored, slightly yellow, brown, grey, etc... Stay away from them unless you prefer that look. But in between, you’ll find stones with imperceptible amounts of color that are much cheaper in price than truly colorless diamonds. Those are the bargain gems you’re looking for. In gem terms, colorless stones are rated from D to F, with D being the best and costliest. Near colorless stones are rated G through J and have so little yellow in them most observers will never see it. The price of a stone drops significantly at the letter G, so that would be a good place to start your search.

A similar issue is found with the diamond’s clarity—meaning its lack of tiny internal flaws known as inclusions. The price break occurs between slightly included level 2 (SI2) diamonds and slightly included level 1 (SI1) gems. Again, the slightly less perfect stone – unseen with the naked eye – will save you a nice chunk of change.

Thirdly, Stay Out of the Chain Jewelry Stores – at Least to Buy

Chain jewelry stores specialize in profit margin. Their jewelry is of generally mediocre quality. They have cheap diamond engagement rings for sure, but not of the quality or styles you are after. Online retailers can often offer superior rings for the same money because their overhead and advertising budget is puny compared to the national chains.

Finally, Consider a Loose Stone

When you buy a loose diamond from an online diamond dealer, you’ll get to select exactly the color, clarity, size and cut of the stone you want. You can then take that stone to a local jewelry maker and have them craft a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your fiancé if you desire.

These tips will put you on track to finding a fantastic, cheap diamond engagement ring that will thrill her from the first second she sees it. And you’ll be thrilled by what you save! Get this pattern down – thrill her with what you buy while staying within your budget – and learn to repeat this throughout your married life!