Is this your first Valentine’s Day together and you want to thrill her with thoughts of wonderful things to come? Or is it your 21st and your goal is to let her know that your love for her is stronger than ever? No matter how long she’s been the love of your life, this Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to make an enduring statement that will let her know just exactly how you feel. If she’s a beautiful and treasured gem in your eyes, why not offer her a gift to match? Here are 3 heart shaped gems that will surely quicken the pace of her heart the moment she opens the box and her eye catches the gleam of what is inside.

Ruby Gems

No jewel embraces love and passion like the ruby. It’s as if the gemstone was made for this special occasion. Carefully cut to form a heart, perhaps two, and placed in a setting of gold, your offering to her will truly say what words cannot express.

A heart-shaped ruby pendant in 18k yellow gold with a matching chain will receive a very warm reception indeed. When you place the chain around her neck and the pendant settles near her heart the symbolism will be profound. A ruby is beautiful enough to hold its own in any setting, but if you want to magnify the effect, if possible, choose a piece with small diamonds surrounding it. If a ring is more her thing, select a deep-toned ruby in an elegant setting that enhances its beauty. A ring with two ruby hearts is another wonderful option; two hearts joined together forever. Have it engraved to mark the occasion and solidify its priceless value. Speak your heart this Valentine’s Day in the gift you give – and nothing says, “I Love you” like a ruby.


You say your gal loves jewels but red simply is not her color? It’s no matter, because the world has been graced with other gorgeous gems that will put a sparkle in her eye whenever she looks upon them. Sapphire is radiantly beautiful, a blue gemstone of the richest, most vibrant hues. Roses are red, sapphires are blue…there’s a beginning that is sure to have a wonderful ending. Consider a gorgeous pair of earrings featuring heart-shaped sapphires set in white gold. Stunning is the word, and possibly the affect on her.

Perhaps she would enjoy a bracelet more, set with many small sapphires dancing merrily upon her wrist. Seven sapphires to show you love her every day of the week. Communicate that to her as you close the clasp and she will never forget it. But she’ll thrill every time you remind her of it afresh in the future.


Still haven’t settled upon the right heart-shaped gem for the woman you love? There’s a simple, can’t miss solution. Diamonds. A diamond is never a bad choice, surely you know that! Perhaps your admiration and love for her is such that only a diamond will do. The range of diamond jewelry featuring beautiful heart-shaped stones will certainly allow you to find just the right piece to adequately communicate your feelings. Diamonds are elegant and luxurious set in any precious metal, and while they serve the purpose by themselves, having other jewels in the supporting cast can often enhance their beauty even more. Perhaps a ring with a lovely diamond in the center, adorned with a pair of ruby hearts, is what you are seeking. A heart-cut diamond pendant surrounded by emerald attendants for your lovely lady will never lose its beauty and will always serve as a priceless token of your love.
So you see, your choice is difficult not for a lack of options, but for having to select the perfect gift from among so many. This Valentine’s Day offer her a heart-shaped gem to let her know for the first time or the one-thousandth time that she truly is, and always will be, the love of your life!

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