Jewelry Buying Tips from Women! Finding Her the Perfect Piece of Jewelry

If you open a copy of GQ or Maxim and find a guide on how to select jewelry that the woman in your life will love, who’s it written by? Not some dude named Joe or Michael. No, it’s advice from a much better source than a man – a woman! We’ve pulled together top tips from fashion and jewelry experts, all women, to give you the best shot at buying a dynamic piece of jewelry that will totally blow her away. Let’s take a look and see what we can learn.

1. Surprise her. If you were buying a hunting bow for your buddy you’d take him with you to check out what’s available and let him pick the one he likes. That’s a no-no when buying jewelry for your gal, and don’t even consider handing her a gift card. You’ll do better with her by taking it upon yourself to choose a gift you think she’ll love. When you pull out a small gift-wrapped box her heart will start to flutter. When she opens it, she will beam as bright as the jewels or amethyst bracelet within. Follow the rest of these tips to ensure that it will be a very pleasant surprise indeed.

2. Choose a romantic theme. Heart shaped gems may tug on her heart strings. A gorgeous gold ring fashioned into a heart shape – or intertwined hearts – and adorned with diamonds, her birthstone or other brilliant jewel will speak your love to her in wonderful ways. If your first date was on the 3rd, buy a ring with three gems. Be able to tell her why you chose your gift.

3. Go with what she already loves. If you know her preferred metal and favorite gems, find a new variation on the same theme. You’ll be as delighted as her when she opens it and exclaims, “Oh, sapphires with white gold! My favorites!” Being a student of the woman you love will prove beneficial in many ways.

4. Buy a complete set if you can. A pair of pearl earrings with a fine pearl necklace will get her heart pumping. An aquamarine pendant with matching ring will prove a perfect combination. Since gemstone color varies within each gem, be careful to choose hues that are good matches. If sets aren’t in the budget, choose pieces that will go well with what she already has. She’ll immediately starting talking about how great the citrine ring will look with her citrine earrings.

5. Personalize the gift. Give some thought to a short, sweet note you can have engraved on the back of the bejeweled watch or inside the ring. It will magnify the joy she receives when she discovers the extent of your thoughtfulness.

6. Choose genuine gemstones over lab created knock-offs. They may look the same to the untrained eye…but hers is not an untrained eye. She’ll most likely be able to spot the character qualities that set apart a real jewel from a synthetic. Synthetics are too perfect, too flawless, and they may also lack depth and have a rather glassy look.

7. Avoid being cheap! Always stay away from cheap, fragile jewelry, or fads that are odd. If you find a pendant she’ll love but it comes with a fragile chain, upgrade to a chain with the bulk and strength to last.

8. Ask her friends! If you're a bit wary, check your purchase with one of her friends before you give it to her. It will help gauge what her reaction will be. If the friend makes bad faces, send the jewelry back and start over. If she’s thrilled, you’ve picked a winner.

9. Choose quality over quantity…or both! The point is, don’t opt for the one-karat chunk of poor quality gemstone over the third-karat jewel that is of outstanding quality. Your purchase will reflect how you feel about her, and choosing the highest quality jewelry pieces will communicate your admiration, respect and love.

10. Go for it! If you're unsure what to buy, err on the side of generosity.  If she needs to exchange it for any reason, it will be wonderful to have the many options your generous gift will provide.

Make the next gift to the woman you love one that will delight her for years and years to come. Choose a gift of jewelry that fits her beautifully, like one crafted just for her. That’s how she’ll feel when you put this kind of thought into the selection.

What Jewelry Buying Tips Would You Add to the List?